Success Stories


Next Jump

Next Jump is a premier employee rewards platform, allowing large F1000 corporations to reward employees with special discounts on top items. Their core product, Corporate Perks, helps employees with everything from booking their vacations to everyday purchases. This platform is also employed by a sizable number of small businesses.
Due to the integration of our commerce API, Next Jump was able to remove several steps in the purchase process for their customers ­ increasing end user experience and more than tripling conversion rates from a click to a sale.

Deal Dash

DealDash is an auction site with a conscience. If a customer of theirs does not win the bid on an item they are vying for, DealDash allows that customer to purchase the item directly and fully refunds their bid prices. Again using a combination of our lookup and commerce APIs, Dealdash maintains an on-site customer experience while letting Walmart fulfill the product to the end user.

TheFind is a discovery shopping search engine targeting all categories including lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, and home and garden. TheFind¹s integration with Walmart gives them access to real-time pricing information to always serve their customer the most relevant products at the correct price.


Listia is one of the world's fastest growing P2P marketplaces for trading new and used items. Members receive credits for listing items and trade with other members or redeem their credits through the Listia Rewards Store, which includes merchandise fulfilled by Walmart and other retailers.

The Walmart commerce API is put to excellent use with Listia, as it allows Listia to take advantage of over 7 million online SKUs with real-time pricing to provide a full commerce experience for its members, right from the Listia website and mobile apps.


The Citi ThankYou Rewards program gives Citibank customers special deals on products from Walmart and various other retailers. A combination of the commerce, product lookup, and data feed APIs have been used here to double Citi redemption in the last quarter alone for their Walmart redemption program. This partnership provides benefits to our mutual Citi and Walmart customers.