Data Feed API

Data Feed API allows a developer to get the list of products by category. Feed is refreshed once a day, so price and availability may not be always in sync with Developers should use the Product Lookup API to get real-time price and availability info if needed. The set of valid categories for downloading feeds is covered by the Taxonomy API. Data feed is available in compressed GZIP format. You can check the feed generation time by looking at Last-Modified HTTP header when you download the feed.

Access to the Feed API is restricted, and is available on a request basis. Developers are encouraged to use the Search API to search and list items conforming to a specific criteria such as by keyword or by category. To get access to the Feed API for a category or set of categories, please email us at clearly outlining the category ids access is needed for.

Example Query

JSON feed for Electronics{apiKey}&categoryId=3944


xml(deprecated), json

Query Parameters

Param Name Description Required/Optional
apiKey Your API access key Required
categoryId Category id of the category for feed download. This should match the id field from Taxonomy API Required
format Format of the feed file, allowed values are [json, xml(deprecated)]. Default is json. Optional


Feed API returns the Full Response. Response types are covered in the Item Response Groups section.

Sample Response

HTTP Headers

Content-Encoding: gzip

Content-MD5: OZkpYEWNkJwJJF5xY7pL/Q==

Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 09:29:19 GMT

Last-Modified: Thu Nov 21 04:45:06 PST 2013

Server: Mashery Proxy


transfer-encoding: chunked

Connection: keep-alive

Sample Item Data

itemId: 19336123,
parentItemId: 19336123,
name: "Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System 15,000 Gallon",
msrp: 199,
salePrice: 139,
upc: "078257317042",
categoryPath: "Toys/Outdoor Play/Swimming Pools & Waterslides/Pool Supplies",
shortDescription: "You can enjoy a clean and comfortable pool using the Intex Krystal Clear saltwater pool filtration system. This easy to maintain saltwater filter is compact and efficient in generating clear pool water. The Intex filter replaces hazardous chlorine with inexpensive, natural salts as it cleans.",
longDescription: "<br><b>Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater Pool Filter:</b><ul><li>Poll filter produces a level of swimmer-safe chlorine when non-iodized pool salt is added</li><li>Pool filter requires a flow rate of 700-4,000 GPH</li><li>Pump sold separately</li></ul><br>This pool filter is specifically designed for use with above-ground pools. It can destroy bacteria, oxidize bather organics, and control algae in order to make your swimming pool safe, clean, and comfortable.",
brandName: "Generic",
thumbnailImage: "",
mediumImage: "",
largeImage: "",
productTrackingUrl: "|LSNID|&offerid=223073.7200&type=14&catid=8&subid=0&hid=7200&tmpid=1081&",
ninetySevenCentShipping: false,
standardShipRate: 0,
twoThreeDayShippingRate: 20.97,
overnightShippingRate: 26.97,
marketplace: false,
shipToStore: true,
freeShipToStore: true,
modelNumber: "54601EG",
productUrl: "",
customerRating: "4.317",
numReviews: 615,
customerRatingImage: "",
categoryNode: "4171_14521_132873",
rollBack: true,
bundle: false,
clearance: false,
preOrder: false,
stock: "Available",
availableOnline: true