Products Catalog API

Paginated Products API allows a developer to retrieve the products catalog in a paginated fashion. Catalog can be filtered by category, brand and/or any special offers like rollback, clearance etc.

The API response contains a list of items satisfying the filter criteria (if any), along with additional metadata that also includes the URL path for the next page. 

Example Queries

Get all items in Electronics on rollback in JSON format{apiKey}&publisherId={Your Impact Radius Publisher Id}&format=json

Get all items for a brand "foo"{apiKey}&publisherId={Your Impact Radius Publisher Id}

Query Parameters

Param NameDescriptionRequired/Optional
apiKey Your API access key Required
publisherId Your Impact Radius Publisher Id Optional
category Category id of the desired category. This should match the id field from Taxonomy API Optional
brand Brand name Optional
specialOffer Special offers like rollback, clearance, specialBuy Optional
format Format of the response, allowed values are [json, xml]. Default is json. Optional
count Number of items the API will return (Max 200; Default 200) Optional
soldByWmt Set it to true if you only want items sold by (excluding marketplace items) Optional
available Set it to true if you only want items that are available to purchase (excluding out of stock items)