Product Recommendation API

The Product recommendation API is an extension driven by the science that powers the recommended products container on We have parsed 100s of millions of transactions over our product catalog of more than 6 million products to be able to deliver, with accuracy, the items in this response. Some example use cases where a partner might be interested in utilizing this data:

  • A recommended products advertising widget via e-mail delivered right after a transaction has been verified
  • Retargeting on an ecommerce storefront anchored on a shared UPC between multiple merchants
  • An upsell to an existing customer presenting an array of products due to knowing their order history

The endpoint returns a maximum of 10 item responses, being ordered from most relevant to least relevant for the customer.

Next Best Products on Walmart

Each item on has a particular item ID associated with it. This can be generally seen in the last 8 digits of a URL string (see above), but can also be acquired by using the Product Lookup API. Once you have a particular products' Item ID, you can hit the endpoint as follows:



Example call:



So, if you wanted to see the top 10 recommended products for an Xbox One console sold by Walmart, which has an item ID of 36904791:


Example response: