Special Feeds

The following data feeds are available to query specific sets of data from the Walmart product catalog. Please send any further questions you have about these feeds to affilops@wal-mart.com. Note that all feeds are available in compressed GZIP format.

  • Preorder: All items available for pre-order on walmart.com, along with information on when the pre-order item will ship. These are items that have an upcoming launch date and can be ordered in advance.
  • Bestsellers: Bestselling items in their respective categories on walmart.com. These items will likely drive higher conversion rates on average as compared to normal products, leading to more revenue and commission per click.
  • Rollback: Items that are on a rollback price on walmart.com right now. Since these items are heavily discounted, they are excellent for driving more clicks from your website by driving higher CTRs (click through rates).
  • Clearance: All items on clearance. These items are on a discount thus making them more attractive to consumers driving higher CTRs. 
  • Specialbuy: These are items on Special Buy on walmart.com, which means there is a special offer on them.


XML(deprecated), JSON


To read more about the response types, please see the Item Response Groups section.